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  • Emphasis 2014/1


    Global Quarterly in English
    A magazine providing thought leadership for the insurance industry.
    Audience: Insurance industry executives Latest: Talent Retention Is Essential to Successful Insurance M&A
    • thumbnail of towers watson executive pay matters

      Executive Pay Matters

      A Towers Watson Blog providing frequent updates on the latest developments and trends in executive compensation
      Latest: Analysis of Large U.K. Companies Debunks Some Remuneration Myths
      • Towers Watson Media

        Global Investments Matters

        Global Annually in English
        A publication covering topical pension and investment issues
        Latest: Global Investment Matters – 2015
        • Towers Watson Media

          Global Markets Overview

          Global Monthly in English
          A high level review and outlook for markets and economies
          Latest: Global Markets Overview – July 2015
          • thumbnail of global news briefs cover

            Global News Briefs

            Global As needed, in English
            Updates on timely compensation and benefit issues around the world; delivers news as changes occur and aggregates the updates in a monthly newsletter
            Audience: Benefit, compensation, retirement and reward professionals Latest: Brazil: New Program Adopted to Help Companies Avoid Layoffs
            • thumbnail of pension finance watch

              Global Pension Finance Watch

              Global Quarterly in English
              An update on global capital markets
              Audience: Readers interested in capital markets and pension plan funding Latest: Global Pension Finance Watch — First Quarter 2015
              • cover for strategy at work newsletter

                Strategy at Work

                Global Periodically in English
                An inside look at the work we do with leading organizations around the world.
                Audience: Senior HR and Finance executives Latest: Meeting the Growing Demand for Digital Talent
                • Sustainably Engaged

                  Sustainably Engaged

                  Global Bi-monthly in English
                  A report on trends in the employee engagement survey practices. In each issue we explore a unique aspect of the employee survey process, such as speed or length of process.
                  Audience: Employee surveys clients and prospects Latest: More on Engagement From the 'Bottom Up'
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