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HR Technology

Thriving in business today means charting a course through volatility. Employees and managers no longer simply appreciate effective HR technology solutions, they demand it. Increasingly, employees expect consumer-grade solutions at work that are usable, accurate and innovative. But it’s not just the technology you choose, it’s what you do with it that drives returns for your HR function.

High-quality HR technology solutions can be the key to greater HR ROI. Towers Watson provides leading-edge HR technology consulting and systems to hundreds of clients and millions of employees worldwide. We bring exceptional, configurable solutions delivered by domain experts, and we partner with you to drive and measure results.

As a leader in talent management systems, HR technology strategy development, and reward strategy, content and technology, we develop effective, efficient and worry-free solutions that are customized for your organization. What’s more, our HR technology solutions are backed by global expertise and the most comprehensive body of HR technology research in the industry. Let Towers Watson take you from strategy to design, delivery and effective execution by providing best-in-class systems that deliver for your organization — all from one provider.

Our capabilities include:

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