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    • Pension Finance Watch — October 2014
      Portfolio returns slightly exceeded liability growth in October, so the net impact was a 0.2% increase in the Towers Watson Pension Index, to 73.6.
    • Pension Finance Watch — September 2014
      Equities fell, but long bond yields rebounded in September. Despite the 0.6% increase, at 73.5, the Towers Watson Pension Index remains down 6% for 2014.
    • Pension Finance Watch — August 2014
      Equities produced strong August returns, but the impact was offset by falling bond yields. At 73.2, the Towers Watson Pension Index is down 6.3% for 2014.
    • Pension Finance Watch — July 2014
      Negative equity results pushed the pension index down in July. The Towers Watson Pension Index declined 1.6% for the month to 73.9, and has now dropped 5.5% for the year.
    • Pension Finance Watch — June 2014
      Strong equity returns and a slight uptick in bond yields combined to move the pension index upward 1.2% in June, to 75.1, following three months of decline.
    • Pension Finance Watch — May 2014
      The recent pattern of interest rate declines paired with mildly positive equity returns continued in May. Liability values increased slightly more than assets, and thus the Towers Watson Pension Index dropped 0.1% for the month, to 74.2.
    • Pension Finance Watch – April 2014
      Bond yields continued their recent pattern of decline, while equity returns were mildly positive in April. Liability values increased more than assets and thus the Towers Watson Pension Index dropped 1.2% for the month, to 74.3.
    • Pension Finance Watch – March 2014
      Equities provided a small overall increase, while bond yields dropped slightly in March. These factors combined to nudge the Towers Watson Pension Index down 0.7% for the month, to 75.2.
    • Pension Finance Watch — February 2014
      Following a very rocky start to the year in January, positive capital market results in February allowed pension finances to recover at least a portion of the lost ground. Strong equity returns dominated the month's results, though the positive impact was offset by a slight decline in interest rates. The Towers Watson Pension Index increased 2.0% for the month, to 75.7.
    • Pension Finance Watch — January 2014
      Pension finances endured a rocky start to 2014. There were major hits to both asset and liability measures — as equity returns were uniformly negative and interest rates dropped significantly. The Towers Watson Pension Index dropped 5.1%, to 74.2, essentially giving up all the prior quarter's gains.
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