All companies have an employee value proposition (EVP), even if it has not been formalized. Increasingly, our research indicates that taking an unmanaged EVP to one that is deliberate — and aligns with what you stand for in the market — is more critical than ever.

Plus, we know that employees respond favorably to having a formal EVP. Towers Watson’s 2012 Global Workforce Study shows that when the EVP is clearly articulated and communicated, employees better understand the “give and get” of a career at their organization, along with the value — both extrinsic and intrinsic — of staying.

But the value of a formalized EVP does not stop there. The 2012 – 2013 Global Talent Management and Rewards Study reveals that companies that have adopted an integrated approach to reward strategy, design and execution in the context of an overarching EVP are realizing better outcomes. These organizations are five times more likely to report their employees as highly engaged and more than twice as likely to report achieving financial performance significantly above their peers.

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