Participate in the first global version of our Staying@Work survey and learn how your global peers use health and productivity (H&P) strategies to their competitive advantage. The survey is available in the following countries, and you are invited to complete the survey for each country in which you have operations:

Asia Pacific Europe The Americas
China France Brazil
India Netherlands Canada
Hong Kong Spain Mexico
Malaysia United Kingdom United States
Philippines Italy

PDF versions can be downloaded from each online survey by clicking on the country name.

Until now, our survey was limited to North America, where Towers Watson has conducted this research among leading organizations for almost two decades. Our past findings have identified successful strategies and tactics used by companies with the most effective health H&P programs, and demonstrated a link between these programs and financial success. Now our insights will reach from North America to EMEA, Asia Pacific and Latin America. By completing a survey on each country in which you have operations, you will be able to compare company H&P practices across each of your markets.

Our research in the U.S. found that high-effectiveness companies:

  • Realize a differential in annual health care costs of more than US$1,000 per employee (giving a company with 20,000 employees a US$20 million cost advantage over low-effectiveness companies)
  • Have fewer lost days due to unplanned absences and disability — when combined with savings on health care costs — which can increase a typical company's benefit savings by considerably more than 30%
  • See reductions in at least some health risks (tobacco use and sedentary lifestyles/physical inactivity) as well as lower voluntary turnover rates

An effective H&P framework invests in a comprehensive set of programs that addresses the complex global issues facing employees and spans the entire health continuum. Our survey helps identify what high-effectiveness companies do differently, and suggests practical recommendations that can now be tailored for your company, locations and local markets.

Questions? Contact:

Corporate Research and Innovation
Steven Nyce, Ph.D.

Asia Pacific
Dr. Rajeshree Parekh

Justin Crossland

North America
Shelly Wolff

Latin America
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