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  • Press Release
    The Towers Watson 2015 Asia Pacific Salary Budget Planning Report is a bi-annual survey compiled by Towers Watson’s Data Services Practice (TWDS). The survey, timed to coincide with companies’ compensation planning for 2015, looks at a range of industry sectors and job grades from factory shop floor to executive suite, and focuses on salary movement and review practices.
  • Press Release
    Gill Barr and Mervyn Walker have been appointed to Towers Watson’s UK defined contribution (DC) master trust board, which is chaired by Donald Brydon CBE.
  • Press Release
    Towers Watson has appointed Bill Bensur to lead it’s Pittsburgh Investment office.
  • Press Release
    Employers that already have onsite or near-site health facilities are planning to implement them: increase productivity, reduce HC costs and improve HC services.
  • Newsletter

    While golden parachutes clearly have remained a key component of the executive pay landscape, many features have changed over the past several years to make these arrangements more shareholder-friendly. To provide an overview of current parachute practices, we reviewed CIC severance provisions at Fortune 500 companies to identify common features and recent trends and changes in these programs.

    Cody Nelson

  • Newsletter
    In this issue we explore how the value drivers of infrastructure companies may be impacted by higher interest rates.
  • Press Release
    Greater regulation and reputational issues in financial services are impacting the industry's ability to retain top employees, according to its senior HR leaders.
  • Newsletter

    As we continue to think about the potential implications of the proposed Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules on pay-for-performance disclosure, we see a number of positives in the SEC’s approach. The potential impact of the SEC’s pay-for-performance disclosure rules and what companies should be doing now to prepare for them will be among the key topics I and my colleagues will discuss on next week’s webcast.

    Steve Kline

  • Newsletter
    Most of the provisions of the new Nova Scotia Pension Benefits Act that was passed in 2011 will finally become effective as of June 1, 2015. Supporting regulations will also be effective on that date. This Advisory sets out some of the significant changes and will be of interest to any registered pension plan with Nova Scotia members.
  • Newsletter
    This month's issue highlights our latest thinking on mergers, acquisitions and other corporate deals; the growing trend to treat employees like customers
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