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    We consider how you can better understand the longevity risk your scheme is running, ensuring you deal with this risk at the right time in your scheme’s lifecycle.
  • Press Release
    UK companies are facing big cost increases in their employee insurance premiums as the average age of their employees continues to rise
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    While 60% of U.S. public companies conducted analyses to assess how closely their executive pay levels align with company performance, fewer than half of those companies disclosed the results of their pay-for-performance analyses in their 2014 proxy statements. These are among the findings of a Towers Watson executive compensation flash survey conducted in late September and early October. 

    Steve Kline and Andrew Goldstein

  • Press Release
    Towers Watson pay-for-performance survey shows 6 in 10 U.S. public companies have analyses to assess how executive pay levels align with company performance.
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    I beg to disagree that the youth today is apathetic. The youth, comprised of the thirty-something and below (myself included), is said to manifest an indifferent, maybe even stubborn, outlook on life. We all have been witnesses, however, of two significant events in the past which showcased admirable traits of the youth – collaboration, resourcefulness, and idealism. A Towers Watson study reveals the Gen Y’s inclination towards employers with a strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) engagement or even for non-profit organizations with a considerable number of young volunteers.

    Noelle Arcinue, Consultant, Philippines

  • Reprint
    Leadership across all levels is what is needed across all levels – and missed most – in our organizations today. Consequently, having a leadership pipeline that aligns with strategic imperatives is absolutely essential given the pace of internal and external change facing today’s organizations. It is evident that succession planning has never been more important. A strong succession planning process should focus on developing a pool of individuals with critical, adaptable skills who are ready to lead when called upon.
  • Newsletter
    Global Pension Finance Watch reports net results for the third quarter were slight decreases in pension index results in all regions except Brazil and Japan.
  • Newsletter

    Executive compensation professionals with responsibility for long-term incentive plan design won’t want to miss Towers Watson Data Services’ November 6 webcast on the results and trends from our 2014 Long-Term Incentive Survey – U.S. This year’s LTI Survey webcast also will feature highlights from our 2014 International LTI Survey.

    David Seitz and James Matthews

  • Press Release
    Towers Watson has released an updated version of ResQ for P&C insurers that includes enhanced methods to allow insurers to quantify possible inflationary effects.
  • Newsletter
    Towers Watson's quarterly magazine on insurance industry issues. This is the third issue for 2014.
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