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  • Technical/Regulatory IC
    Transition management is the coordination of a change in investment strategy or investment manager with the objectives of preserving asset values and managing risk.
  • Survey Research Results
    The Towers Watson 2014/2015 Global Remuneration Planning Report is a comprehensive global compensation and benefits planning tool for companies operating in disparate markets and multicultural legislative environments.
  • Survey Research Results
    In January and February 2015, Towers Watson conducted a survey of Canadian organizations with plans registered under the Ontario Pension Benefits Act or similar legislation in other jurisdictions to assess how employers view the ORPP, including whether DC plans should be included in the definition of “comparable plan.”
  • Survey Research Results
    Towers Watson’s 2015 FTSE 350 Defined Contribution (DC) pension scheme survey captures how the UK’s leading companies are dealing with the latest developments in the UK’s pensions.
  • Survey Research Results
    Towers Watson's quarterly commercial lines insurance pricing survey is designed to give survey participants a more accurate measure of historical price changes on an ongoing basis, as well as additional and improved historical loss ratio change information.
  • Survey Research Results
    Using our expert knowledge of asset owners and managers, Towers Watson works with world-class newspapers and magazines to publish a number of leading annual investment surveys.
  • Survey Research Results
    P&C insurers are using predictive modeling in multiple areas to increase profits and gain competitive advantage.
  • Survey Research Results
    2015 Multinational Pooling Network Matrix provides a complete listing of the eight key multinational pooling networks, affiliated insurers and offshore capabilities.
  • Survey Research Results
    Multinational pooling and captives offer untapped potential for multinational companies to save money on their insurable benefits around the world.
  • Survey Research Results
    Costs and risk concerns are causing employers to reevaluate retiree health care strategies and consider new alternatives for pre-Medicare retirees.
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