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Whether you are a global company looking to create and use financial models worldwide, or a smaller operation that wants the benefits of models without impractical time and staffing commitments, Igloo offers the flexibility and control to meet your business needs.

Igloo is available in four main editions, including the compact edition for companies wanting a convenient entry point to comprehensive risk modeling:

  • Igloo Compact Edition (ICE)
  • Igloo Express
  • Igloo Extreme
  • Igloo Enterprise

An Audit edition is also available to allow third parties to conduct independent audits of Igloo models.

Each product in the Igloo suite enables you to do the following:

  • Create models yourself and tailor them to your business.
  • Develop models quickly. We have helped clients to build full regulatory models from start to finish in under six months.
  • Speed up the processing of your model simulations.
  • Drive business efficiencies in areas such as reinsurance purchase. One international client saved an estimated $20 million in this area alone.
  • Consolidate subsidiary models from different editions of Igloo at the corporate level.

Igloo users can quickly start to see how decisions impact wider business risk and can use model outputs to promote a broad understanding of risk within the business. Building an accurate and effective model can be a complex process. Towers Watson's actuarial and modeling experts provide as much support as you require throughout the build phase and as you develop your use of Igloo.

Igloo is already one of the insurance industry's leading modeling platforms, with approximately 750 licensees worldwide, and is noted for its transparency and scalability. The different editions provide an end-to-end solution that both fits your immediate needs and can grow with your company, so you can meet your business and regulatory requirements now and in the future.


Towers Watson Igloo uses MathPlayer technology from Design Science to display formulas in the integrated help.

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Design Science offers a range of software products for working with math and science that are used by educators, scientists, engineers, publishing professionals and professional web developers. Design Science has played a leading role in developing MathML.

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