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Communication and Change Management

Communication and Change Management

Towers Watson change management and communication professionals help companies by bringing practical solutions to complex business and people challenges. We combine our deep understanding of employee behaviour with a focus on making the changes last.

Our sixth Change and Communication ROI Survey (2013/2014) finds a continued strong relationship between effective communication & change management and superior financial performance. Companies with high effectiveness in change management and communication are three and a half times more likely to significantly outperform their industry peers than firms that are not effective in these areas.

The Communication and Change Management practice of Towers Watson in Dubai helps clients throughout the MENA region with strategic as well as hands-on support to successfully implement organisational changes.

Our approach is targeted at transferring our best practice experience and knowledge, so that the changes are sustainably incorporated into the client organisation.

Our capabilities include:

  • Providing implementation support for all HR solutions; HR programme implementation and communication
  • Supporting organisation restructuring and transformation by handling the change management of transformation programmes
  • Creating and implementing a compelling and appropriate Employee value proposition
  • Enhancing change management and communication capabilities throughout your organisation
  • Supporting corporate culture change, aligned with business strategy
  • Designing and supporting employee engagement strategies.

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