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    Our Global M&A Retention study shows retention incentives are improving all the time in being able to hold on to key staff during a merger and acquisition. But retention incentives alone buy time, rather than loyalty. More needs to be done to convince people to stay for the longer term.
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    With a mild rebound expected for salary increases in Asia Pacific, what should organisations be focusing on when planning their 2018 pay reviews?
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    Pay transparency is a mark of progressive thinking in the future of work, yet many employers still find this to be challenging concept.
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    Fixed pay, plus short-term incentives, plus long-term incentives is the time-honoured executive pay formula. But, with increased shareholder activism and other concerns, is this the right way forward for ASX-listed companies?
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    What will the rise of technology mean for employment and organisations? The most extreme outcome would be a workforce comprised entirely of freelancers and automation, with little if any permanent employment.  Is this likely? We don’t believe so – for a range of reasons.
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    Your EVP needs to cater for a diverse workforce as well as more flexible ways of working. There are three building blocks that will help you gain a full understanding of your employees and then tailor your EVP to meet the different needs you identify.
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    Unprecedented pressure on the default insurance model for superannuation and a continued increase in premiums has initiated significant change in default insurance design. How has the market changed and what is the likely impact of proposed ISWG premium affordability limits?
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    Salary sacrifice arrangements for superannuation could be impacted by a Bill currently before parliament. Also, employees not able to choose the fund for their super contributions may gain the ability to do so.  All companies, particularly those using a total package remuneration structure, should carefully consider how their salary sacrifice arrangements will fit. Where employees currently do not have choice of fund because of their workplace determination or enterprise agreement, companies will also need to reassess what they must do should the laws pass.
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    Superannuation fund accountability, member outcomes, fund sustainability and operational governance are in the sights of government and regulators. Our Super Update covers a range of measures aimed at strengthening the prudential framework for superannuation.
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    An increasing number of companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) are responding to shareholder and community concerns about CEO and executive pay by moving away from what has been the globally ubiquitous model of fixed pay plus short-term incentives (STI) plus long-term incentives (LTI).

    Ewan Taylor

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