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    This year’s Global Investment Matters offers our opinion on many issues including the global savings challenge, working your investments harder, generating return in a low-return environment and stewardship, among other topics.
  • Newsletter
    Most superannuation thresholds have been indexed in line with increases in AWOTE. This Super Watch provides a quick guide to what will come into effect for 2017/18.
  • Newsletter
    APRA has negative cash flows among superannuation funds under a spotlight, reinforcing the need for funds to understand their cash flow dynamics. Whole of fund modelling can yield valuable insights into the drivers of a fund’s long-term cash flows and help improve strategic decision making.
  • Newsletter
    Exploring the key compensation and benefits themes to look out for in our predicted trends for 2017.
  • Newsletter
    This article looks at how to create effective agile pulse surveys in eight steps
  • Newsletter
    A number of age pension and superannuation changes already in effect or coming online in 2017 mean greater uncertainties for employers – and have the potential to disrupt benefit programmes. What should benefits managers do? A good start is to assess the impact on their own workforce and the overall business and HR strategy.
  • Newsletter
    In this issue of Super Update we outline APRA’s changes to prudential standard SPS 510 Governance that will require trustees to have a governance framework in place that sets out policies and procedures to support effective governance practices, plus more.
  • Reprint
    An effective communication strategy for a new sales compensation plan can help encourage the behaviors necessary to drive business growth.
  • Newsletter
    The goal of superannuation funds is to help their members achieve an adequate retirement income. Willis Towers Watson’s Retirement Readiness modelling allows funds to assess how they are performing against this goal, measure how their members are tracking and identify segments of their membership where remedial action may be needed.
  • Newsletter
    So much to do and so little time… This is a common phrase to justify the underutilisation of many excellent software products. Follow these six steps to maximise the return on investment for compensation software…
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