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    In this rapidly changing and charged environment, HR professionals increasingly need to have a perspective on crowdsourced pay data.
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    With continued developments in AI, the ‘Future of Work’, ‘going digital’ and non-traditional employment relationships, it appears that the speed of workplace change is not going to slow down anytime soon. Help your employees prepare for the new world of work by embedding the fundamentals of change management as the new ‘business as usual’ and provide tools so they can identify the individual strengths they have that can be drawn on.
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    Employee experience is subjective, so how can you determine whether your organisation’s survey responses are necessarily good or bad? You need a reference dataset – a high quality benchmark.
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    A number of forces are impacting the world of work and driving the need for traditional employment models to evolve. To succeed, organisations must modernise their career experience, turn expectation from job to career security and empower employees to refresh and acquire new skills.
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    In this issue of Sustainably Engaged, we showcase how leading organizations implement continuous listening strategies to improve their employee experience.
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    Pulse surveys can be a valuable tool in gauging a range of employee issues, but just surveying more frequently doesn’t equal better understanding of the employee experience. To deliver the insights an organisation needs to optimise its effectiveness, employee listening must use a combination of the right approach and the right frequency.
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    The battle for highly-skilled talent continues to be challenging and costly. Is pay the only long term answer?
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    Regulations are now in force prescribing standards for the new “innovative” retirement income streams outlined in the 2016 federal budget superannuation changes. Our Super Update looks at the key requirements, as well as the coordinated agency approach to the raising of regulatory issues.
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    The contractual workforce is growing – now is the time to align your HR strategies and pay plans.
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    Company culture, as well as employee opinion and behaviour plays a big role in protecting or mitigating cyber risk. Employers need to measure the risk inherent in their employees’ behaviours and determine both how to lessen the risk and build a cyber-smart workforce.
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