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    Regulations are now in force prescribing standards for the new “innovative” retirement income streams outlined in the 2016 federal budget superannuation changes. Our Super Update looks at the key requirements, as well as the coordinated agency approach to the raising of regulatory issues.
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    The contractual workforce is growing – now is the time to align your HR strategies and pay plans.
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    Company culture, as well as employee opinion and behaviour plays a big role in protecting or mitigating cyber risk. Employers need to measure the risk inherent in their employees’ behaviours and determine both how to lessen the risk and build a cyber-smart workforce.
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    As work itself is changing, some of the basic tenets of leadership development are and should be, challenged. The assumption that leaders have teams of employees in defined jobs within a siloed organisation no longer applies. Leadership development needs to evolve to be up to the challenge, focusing on three major priorities.
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    HR has a key role in supporting companies as they gradually move from a collection of people doing jobs, to an entity that organises work – and the talent, whatever and wherever that may be, that completes it.
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    Two senior consultants take a close look at the actions business leaders can take to make workforce effectiveness and productivity a competitive and financial advantage.
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    Good design is the difference between getting noticed, and getting ignored. Design helps create more effective, memorable communication. To deliver messages with clarity five key principles to follow are alignment, hierarchy, contrast repetition and balance. The use of white space and infographics can assist in telling your story.
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    The appetite to invest in digital solutions continues to steadily increase across the entire financial services sector, including superannuation funds, according to preliminary results from a Willis Towers Watson technology survey.
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    Asia needs to do more to empower working mothers. Where should we start?
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    Willis Towers Watson’s global magazine for insurance executives. Contents: Longevity, catastrophe reinsurance, telematics, digitalization, artificial intelligence
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