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Willis Towers Watson Digital

For over two decades Willis Towers Watson has designed and delivered technology solutions, digital tools and related consulting services across the financial services industry.


We create interactive online tools that engage, educate and empower personal finance decisions

  • Our tools cover retirement planning, superannuation, insurance and other wealth creation areas
  • We build off-the-shelf or bespoke calculators and mobile apps
  • We support end user or financial adviser point-of-sale and SOA tools


We have one of industry largest in-house superannuation and actuarial teams to deliver 

  • Retirement income estimates, including stochastic modelling of retirement outcomes
  • Asset class research and projection modelling
  • Compliance reviews, legislation monitoring and quality assurance


We draw on our extensive member engagement expertise to turn your data into valuable insights and tools

  • Membership analysis, retirement adequacy benchmarking and risk profiling
  • Proprietary member engagement research and studies
  • User experience design best practice


Our solutions use a proprietary technology platform that offers 

  • High level of data security combined with fast performance
  • Powerful calculation engine to run extensive projection modelling
  • Ability to integrate across multiple digital channels and customer touch-points


Maximising digital technology by turning complex financial concepts into simple, personalised tools

  • Powerful data visualisation tools
  • Personalised videos with real-time data feeds
  • Interactive infographics


 CONTACT US today to discuss how Willis Towers Watson can support your digital strategy.


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