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Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation

Setting, managing and communicating executive pay have never been more sensitive. As executive pay programs come under closer scrutiny and grow more complex, organisations face ever greater challenges. Towers Watson provides thoughtful, timely and fully independent executive compensation advice to help companies attract, retain and motivate top leadership.

Whether we work with management, the board or both, clients depend on us to apply our experience to help them balance the interests of key stakeholders and reach pay arrangements that stand up to close scrutiny from shareholders, regulators and others. We bring your organisation expert analytical resources, best-in-class competitive data, and a global staff of dedicated executive pay consultants.

The approach to executive pay has evolved, and so has executive pay consulting. Towers Watson’s market-leading service offering — grounded in our deep understanding of how business and talent issues affect reward strategy — is stronger than ever. Companies across the globe look to us for objective guidance across a broad range of executive compensation issues.

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