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Effective design, delivery, and execution of employee reward strategies and programs will lead to significant business value. We help build and implement leading-edge organisation, job and reward framework solutions that create an engaging employee experience and deliver the right return on investment to the organisation.

Capture greater value from your employee reward programs by focusing on the following levers:

  • Align employee reward strategies with business strategy. It is essential to reward behaviors that will deliver your organisation’s strategic objectives, such as customer service, innovation, quality and efficiency. This alignment will make your employee reward strategies more relevant to both employees and the business.
  • Focus on rewards that matter to employees. When designing your programs, identify the top drivers of attraction, retention and engagement. Shape your employee reward strategies and programs around those things that your employees value.
  • Prioritise effective program delivery. Differentiate employee reward strategies and programs based on performance, and to attract and retain critical-skill and top-performing talent. Communicate clearly about how rewards are determined, and equip managers with the resources, tools and training to engage with their teams effectively.

Our professional insights are backed by our market-leading data including compensation data for more than 100 countries on six continents; ongoing research into emerging trends, issues and best practices in organisation, jobs and reward program design; and our proprietary integrated reward and talent management technology, Talent|REWARD®.

Supported by market-leading technologies, our services include:
  • Reward Strategy
  • Organisation and Jobs
    • Rewards and Career Frameworks
    • Job Architecture 
    • Job Leveling
      • Global Grading System
      • Career Map
  • Pay and Incentives
    • Market analysis and benchmarking
    • Base-pay structure design
    • Incentive remuneration plan design
    • Incentive risk assessment


    • Sales Force
      • Sales Remuneration
      • Sales Talent Management

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