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Delivering on M&A Value

Delivering on M&A Value

Deal success begins with the right strategy and transaction goals — whether for acquisition, merger, spin-off or divestiture. But ultimately, realising financial and operational M&A value comes down to how well the strategy is executed. That means conducting effective due diligence, and identifying and tackling the challenges that inevitably arise in integration and implementation — from struggling to retain key talent, to building an aligned leadership team, to integrating cultures, to helping affected employees cope with uncertainty.

  • Have you completed a thorough M&A due diligence on all of the transaction's costs — including those related to retirement, health care and other employee reward programs?
  • How will you achieve your talent retention goals?
  • How will you build and deploy your leadership team to support change management and communication across the affected populations?
  • Are you relying on an HR PMO to organise key activities and goals for the first 100 days?

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