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Corporations strive to strike a balance between accumulating capital and the resources to pay for retirement benefits. A strategic investment in the right benefit mix can give your organization the financial edge it needs to recruit and retain the best talent, while helping your employees build the savings they need to retire when it’s time.

Towers Watson combines expertise in investment and retirement consulting to help organizations develop retirement programs that meet their workforce needs. We partner with clients around the globe to determine the best approaches to design, funding, governance, administration and communication.

We are the leading provider of retirement consulting and actuarial services to today’s global organizations, providing actuarial services to more of the world’s top 300 pension funds than any other company. We serve 75% of the Fortune 500 and are the actuary to 40 of the 100 largest corporate pension funds in the U.K.

Our capabilities include:

  • Retirement Plan Strategy and Design
  • Actuarial Services and Support
  • Retirement Plan Financial Management
  • Governance and Compliance Strategies
  • Risk Management
  • Defined Benefit Pension Administration and Outsourcing
  • Brexit - The potential impact on pensions

    A Balanced Retirement Strategy

    Developing a retirement program that helps employees achieve a comfortable retirement while working within the boundaries of an organization's financial resources can challenge the savviest organization.

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  • De-risking report 2017

    Delegated Defined Contribution Plan Solutions

    Now more than ever, we believe DC plans have wide-reaching implications for a sponsor's workforce that impact retirement readiness and, therefore, employee productivity.

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  • Towers Watson Media

    Pension Communications

    To effectively engage and influence, it is critical to understand who you are communicating to and the information that is likely to be of greatest interest. This makes the 'what', the 'when' and the 'how' relevant.

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  • The savings psyche of the UK

    The past, present and future of DC master trusts

    David Bird shares some content from his session as well as looking into the future, reflecting the Pensions Regulator's call for tighter sustainability controls for master trusts.

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