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    Americas Insights 

    Canada, United States Periodically in English
    A newsletter providing timely information on insurance industry issues
    Audience: senior financial executives of insurance companies Latest: Like the U.S., Canadian P&C insurers use predictive modeling and big data…but with differences
    • Towers Watson Media

      Canada Pension Finance Watch

      Canada Quarterly in English
      An update on capital markets’ influence on Canadian pension plans’ financial results
      Latest: Canadian Pension Finance Watch — Third Quarter 2018
      • Towers Watson Media

        Client Advisory

        Canada As needed, in English
        Willis Towers Watson's analysis and commentary on important developments and emerging issues affecting the design and administration of employee benefit and compensation programs
        • DC Retirement Index Latest: 2015 Ontario Budget
      • Towers Watson Media

        Group Annuity Market Pulse

        Canada Quarterly in English
        In this periodical, Willis Towers Watson's Group Annuity Purchase Team reports on developments in Canada’s group annuity market.
        Latest: Group Annuity Market Pulse – Third Quarter 2018
        • Towers Watson Media

          Insurance Insights Digest 

          Bermuda, Canada, Mexico + 1 more
          • United States
          Bimonthly in English
          Insurance industry research, analysis and points of view
          For insurance executives who manage risk and capital, product and growth strategies, and related technology solutions
          • Life Insurance
          • P&C Insurance
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