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Employee Pulse Surveys

Employee Pulse Surveys

Fast, focused and flexible

There are lots of compelling reasons to conduct targeted pulse surveys:

  • Sentiment check — To gauge employee mood or sentiment on a periodic basis, i.e., employees’ most recent experiences at work 
  • Initiative check — To measure employee reactions to large-scale company events such as a merger or acquisition, or reorganization 
  • Progress check — To measure how well you’ve succeeded in addressing priority areas identified in a previous employee engagement survey 

With the new Towers Watson pulse survey solution, you can quickly and easily deploy any of these types of pulse surveys — and more. Using a simple and intuitive interface, you can specify survey content in minutes. That means you can pull questions from a prior census survey, write new questions from scratch or select items from a validated library of questions corresponding to the goals of the survey. You can also customize demographic questions to drive reporting, identify benchmarks and historical groups for comparison of results, customize survey branding, and preview the survey. Once the questionnaire is final, you can invite employees to participate as soon as the very next day, and results are available as early as one business day after survey close.

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Towers Watson Media  Towers Watson Media

The pulse survey solution leverages the same reporting platform as all other Towers Watson employee engagement surveys. This means you get the same industry-leading functionality, look and feel, featuring data displays designed specifically to emphasize key trends in employee opinion, plus new visualizations optimized for time series data. This also means access to the same world-class benchmarks, and seamless comparison of results across multiple pulse surveys, and between pulse and census survey results. 

As advances in technology provide easier, faster and more cost-effective ways to gather employee opinion, many companies are looking to supplement their annual survey with tools that enable an ongoing conversation with employees. With the more comprehensive (typically annual) employee opinion survey serving as a foundation, quickly deployed, targeted pulse surveys can form the basis of a highly effective employee listening strategy. The Towers Watson pulse survey solution provides this capability in way that is fast, focused and flexible.

Sentiment, Initiative and Progress Check Pulse Survey example questions: 

  • Sentiment Check
    • Recently, I think the company has done a very good job serving customers. 
    • Recently, I have had ready access to the work tools and resources I need to excel. 
    • Recently, I have felt inspired to do my best work.
  • Initiative Check
    • I understand the strategic rationale for our reorganization.
    • I know where to go to get more information about our reorganization. 
    • I believe the pace at which we are implementing the reorganization is about right.
  • Progress Check
    • I have received a complete briefing on the results of our last employee survey.
    • I have a clear understanding of the priorities for action coming out of the survey.
    • Significant actions have been taken to address priorities identified.

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