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Global Services and Solutions

Global Services and Solutions

Multinational companies must perform complex juggling acts. They have to cultivate a strong, consistent global presence while maintaining an authentic local presence in each market in which they operate — all in the face of worldwide economic and political fluctuations.

With capabilities around the globe, Willis Towers Watson navigates the challenge of doing business across borders every day. Global Services and Solutions (GSS) is the largest team in the industry focused on managing multinational challenges. Together, GSS and our local teams work seamlessly with your headquarters to manage people and financial issues consistently and efficiently across your global operation.

Multinational companies turn to us for global support because of our proven expertise, combined with a suite of integrated global tools and data:

  • Our global research centers ensure you receive the news that’s relevant to your organization, supplemented by consultant analysis and implications for employers. Whether your company has an established global presence — or is in the process of building one through organic or inorganic expansion — we know how to respond to the degrees of complexity and risk that come with working in different languages, and in cultures with varying local requirements and changing legislation.
  • Our global benefit solutions balance local expertise with customized multicountry solutions to provide cost-effective, coordinated and strategic medical, dental and risk (life, accident and disability) programs on a global basis.
  • Leading multinationals turn to Benefits Data Source, which captures details of the benefits offered to newly hired employees at leading companies in more than 100 countries around the world.
  • For more than two decades, the world’s largest multinationals have trusted BenTrack®, our online compensation and benefit management tool.

Our capabilities include:

  • Global oversight, governance and strategy
  • Global total rewards and benefit design
  • Global actuarial services
  • Global defined contribution plan oversight
  • Global health and well-being strategy
  • Benefit financing solutions
  • Retirement benefits — global risk management and investment
  • Global risk benefit financing

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