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    Global Biannually in English
    A global publication for insurance executives with insights on risk and financial management, new product strategies and market opportunities.
    Audience: Insurance industry executives Latest: Emphasis 2018/1
    • Towers Watson Media

      Executive Pay Matters 

      A Willis Towers Watson Blog providing frequent updates on the latest developments and trends in executive compensation
      Latest: Vanguard updates proxy voting guidelines for U.S. companies
      • Towers Watson Media

        Global Investment Matters 

        Global Annually in English
        A publication covering topical pension and investment issues
        Latest: Global Investment Matters - 2017
        • Towers Watson Media

          Global Markets Overview 

          Global Monthly in English
          A high level review and outlook for markets and economies
          Latest: Global Markets Overview – April 2019
          • Towers Watson Media

            Global News Briefs 

            Global As needed, in English
            Updates on timely compensation and benefit issues around the world; delivers news as changes occur and aggregates the updates in a monthly newsletter
            Audience: Benefit, compensation, retirement and reward professionals Latest: Ireland: Bill would introduce government-paid parental leave by end of 2019
            • Towers Watson Media

              Global Pension Finance Watch 

              Global Quarterly in English
              An update on global capital markets
              Audience: Readers interested in capital markets and pension plan funding Latest: Global Pension Finance Watch — First quarter 2019
              • Towers Watson Media

                Strategy at Work 

                Global Periodically in English
                An inside look at how Willis Towers Watson helps leading organizations unlock their full potential
                Audience: Senior HR and Finance executives
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