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Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software

Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software

Gone are the days of generic employee communications, static HR content and time-consuming transactional interactions with employees. The new employee experience thrives on transparency, personalization and easy, digital access to relevant systems and information. Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software is a personalized communication platform that provides digital human capital solutions for HR and enhances the employee experience.

The Willis Towers Watson Difference

Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software provides a personalized digital experience for your workforce, enriched by data, sustained over time, that powers the employee experience. Simply, digitally, personally through a dynamic combination of enterprise-strength technology, world-class professional services and reliable data. That’s the Willis Towers Watson difference.

Key Features

  • Personalization — Target information directly to employees, so they only see and have access to the tools and information most relevant to them.
  • Total Rewards dashboard — Include personalized data on all of your total rewards programs in one, simplified view.
  • Unified hub — Create an immersive experience across talent, benefits, culture and rewards with easy access to partners and providers from a single source.
  • Communication expertise — Our consultants will ensure your content is complete, portal-ready and targeted effectively for maximum impact.
  • Client-managed content — Publish and manage digital content, with easy-to-use content management tools; no extensive technical skills, including navigation, images, video, documents and text required.
  • Integrated case management — Manage employee inquiries with HR software that tracks questions, routes work across various expert HR functions and documents resolution.
  • Data and analytics — Track employee usage patterns and case activity to optimize usability and ensure your portal continues to be impactful, relatable and relevant.
  • Accessible from any device — Create an engaging, interactive, accessible experience for employees; anytime, anywhere.
  • Adaptable — Structure the platform to fit your immediate communication or organizational needs and build on it over time.
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Discover Willis Towers Watson HR Software

Willis Towers Watson HR Software can handle the complex needs of multinational corporations while also delivering personal and engaging employee experiences.

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Willis Towers Watson is always exploring new paths to discover solutions that change the world. We are not content with the comfort of the status quo. We actively seek out new approaches that challenge prevailing notions about people, companies and work.

To hear the stories of our explorations and discoveries in HR software, please contact us.

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