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Willis Towers Watson Total Rewards Portal Software

Willis Towers Watson Total Rewards Portal Software

Think back to the last time you purchased something online or searched for information — what was that experience like? What was it like the last time you searched for HR information within your organization or you completed an online HR transaction? The new employee experience thrives on transparency and easy access to relevant systems and information. Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software provides a single, personalized resource to help employees understand their programs, opportunities, and rewards, while giving HR critical insights and tools for sustained engagement and operational efficiency. It shouldn’t be a burden for HR or employees to find answers and drive real and meaningful outcomes.

The Willis Towers Watson Difference

Willis Towers Watson Total Rewards Portal Software helps you ensure that each employee and recruit sees and understands all you provide as part of the employment deal. It presents and explains what the organization offers employees and what you expect from them in return. That’s the Willis Towers Watson difference.

Key features

  • Personalize — Adapt total rewards content to meet employees’ varied needs in terms of language and culture. Target your messages for high-priority segments of your employee population and present only the details each person needs to see.
  • Customize — Include information specific to your organization and the employee’s rewards package; it’s your content, your brand, and your messaging.
  • Raise awareness — Enable your employees to make effective decisions based on complete, accurate data drawn from multiple systems. Include information about equity, benefits, base and variable compensation, retirement and savings plans, voluntary benefits and more.
  • Convenient — Allows 24/7 access from any location or device including responsive designs for mobile devices.
  • Visually appealing — Show recruits that your organization stays abreast of the latest interactive and multimedia tools to keep things interesting.
  • Flexible design — Supports your communication campaign and aligns with your brand to ensure a successful launch of your total rewards portal.
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Willis Towers Watson HR Software can handle the complex needs of multinational corporations while also delivering personal and engaging employee experiences.

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