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Employee Health Costs and Delivery

Employee Health Costs and Delivery

Improving employee health and well-being while managing costs and delivery of these benefits is important to employers around the globe. But maintaining this balance on both a global and local basis is becoming ever more complex given the increased pressures for benefit governance and transparency. How do you balance your employees’ need for health, dental and risk (life, accident and disability) programs with your organization’s drive to control benefit costs — while maintaining competitive productivity levels?

  • How do you understand what innovative solutions are available, and which are best for your organization from strategy, advisory and execution perspectives?
  • What role should your organization’s employee health and well-being programs play in your total rewards strategy?
  • If you have multinational operations, how are you implementing individual country employee benefit oversight and controls while streamlining costs?
  • If you have U.S. operations, how are you responding to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act? Do you have a strategy to develop or sustain a high-performance benefit portfolio and avoid the 2018 excise tax?

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