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    Towers Watson’s Corporate and Trustee Briefings bring together topical articles on current issues in pensions and wider employee benefits in the UK.
    UK corporate sponsors, pension scheme trustees and pension managers.
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    • Automatic enrolment: the challenges of contribution phasing
      As we move closer to the completion of contribution phasing in April 2019, Rudi Smith explores some of the challenges faced by employers in meeting the minimum contribution requirements.
    • Financial well-being: the case for prioritisation
      As employee financial worries increase, the results of the Willis Towers Watson Global Benefit Attitudes Survey 2017 demonstrates that a financial well-being strategy should be on the corporate agenda.
    • Secure income assets: UK infrastructure, real estate and illiquid credit
      An exploration into using secure income assets to access high quality, long-term inflation-linked cashflows with a higher expected return than index-linked gilts.
    • Excepted Group Life Policies – why are they so popular?
      Excepted Group Life Policies (EGLPs) continue to grow in popularity - Mark Simmonds highlights the reasons behind this and what you should consider if you are contemplating the use of an EGLP.
    • Supporting the modern retirement
      David Bird outlines a potential framework for ‘at retirement’ support for DC members, and considers whether drawdown could be made more accessible.
    • Developing an integrated investment strategy
      Ed Wilson and Zoë McCrossan take a closer look at how engaging early in investment strategy can improve funding outcomes for companies.
    • Communicating pension transfer options
      Emma Starbrook takes a look at how companies can increase engagement and understanding of cash transfers from DB pension schemes.
    • DB pension considerations during corporate restructuring
      Helena Mules and Adrian Bourne consider the potential pitfalls for companies undergoing corporate restructuring and ways to ensure there are no nasty surprises further into the process.
    • PPF publishes draft levy rules for 2018-19
      The Pension Protection Fund publishes draft levy rules for 2018-19, with an overhaul of the Experian methodology and a miscellany of other changes driving a substantial change in levy for many schemes.
    • Smarter, easier and cheaper asset management
      Nick Horsfall and Pete Tranter consider how asset management exchanges can provide a smarter, easier and cheaper way to connect investors and managers.
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Corporate and Trustee Briefing
Towers Watson’s Corporate and Trustee Briefings bring together topical articles on current issues in pensions and wider employee benefits in the UK.
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