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    Towers Watson’s Corporate and Trustee Briefings bring together topical articles on current issues in pensions and wider employee benefits in the UK.
    UK corporate sponsors, pension scheme trustees and pension managers.
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    • Managing robust portfolios in an uncertain world
      Tom Brooke-Smith considers our 2019 Five-Year Capital Market Outlook and what it means for institutional investors
    • How Artificial Intelligence is advancing engagement with Defined Contribution pensions
      A look at how AI has the potential to advance engagement with DC pensions, using machine learning and hyper-personalisation to understand our wants and needs.
    • UK pensions news headlines – March 2019
      Our monthly round-up of the latest developments in pensions.
    • Master Trust Authorisation: Trust in change
      Under the Pensions Schemes Act 2017, The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has authorised the first master trust as part of new laws to implement tougher standards in the market. Master trust authorisation was set up to strengthen protections for almost 14m members in a growing market, which has more than £29bn in assets according to latest figures.
    • Pensions Dashboard – the buffering is over
      With the Pensions Dashboard implementation now approaching, Paul Barton explores how the framework will operate and what demands this will place on schemes.
    • What do the FCA’s new retirement rules mean for employers?
      Anne Jones looks at the new requirements and considers how an employer can ensure all employees can get the best value from their retirement savings
    • How will the PPF’s new rules impact your 2019-20 levy?
      Exploring the changes to the PPF’s levy rules for 2019-20 and the impact of recent court rulings on PPF valuations.
    • How employers are keeping up with the workplace revolution
      Carol Hathaway explores the changing workforce and the challenges employers face.
    • 2019 – A year of pension opportunities and challenges
      A look at five key strategic activities that could dominate sponsor agendas in 2019 for defined benefit schemes.
    • Master trust authorisation
      Master trust authorisation - with the new master trust authorisation requirement looming, we examine why authorisation is a good thing in this burgeoning section of the defined contribution market.
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Corporate and Trustee Briefing
Towers Watson’s Corporate and Trustee Briefings bring together topical articles on current issues in pensions and wider employee benefits in the UK.
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