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Many retirement planning tools ignore the connection between health and employee financial well-being. myFiTage makes the connection, and more, for employees at all stages of their career. The tool enables individuals to determine the age at which they'll likely be able to retire comfortably, based on their health and financial resources — that's their personal FiT Age. It also models how, by taking specific actions, they can change their FiT Age for the better.

The myFiTage experience is different from other employee financial well-being programmes, because the concept of a FiT Age is both tangible and motivational. It paints a clear picture of the potential impact of an individual’s retirement planning actions.

For an employee, the FiT Age assessment begins with a very personal question: “At what age will I have financial independence?” To answer that question, FiT Age provides a personal projection of when an individual’s retirement resources will be sufficient to meet his or her retirement health and lifestyle needs. The results also explain the actions employees can take to change their FiT Age outcome at the lowest cost to their lifestyle today.

Using the myFiTage portal, your employees will understand how their actions can help them achieve their desired FiT Age.

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