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Health and Group Benefits

Health and Group Benefits

Healthcare and other group risk benefits are under intense scrutiny as employers face the challenge of keeping employees healthy and productive; a constant rise in healthcare cost, a shift in employee demographics; and a rethinking of how benefits fit in the broader total rewards context. The focus is on optimising both global and local benefit programme performance and gaining maximum value from the annual benefits spend.

At Towers Watson, we use our deep research and benchmarking tools to provide the strategic context to gauge overall programme efficiency, cost effectiveness and value, as well as competitive positioning. We work with you to design the path to achieve and sustain high programme performance — based on a framework that identifies key actions, costs, competitive context and change management activities. We provide the metrics to help you drive improved performance and better results. We stay involved to help you oversee your programme, leveraging our excellent relationships with providers, from placement of business, to claims handling, to general implementation and programme management.

Our services include:

Strategy Oversight and Management

  • Absence and disability management
  • Benchmarking, performance measurement and monitoring
  • Benefits administration compliance and governance
  • Brokerage services
  • Health plan administration
  • Health insurance solutions for multinationals through Global Access
  • Legislative and regulatory compliance support
  • Group risk consulting and management
  • Local country benefit consulting
  • Programme strategy, design and pricing
  • Vendor evaluation, selection and management
  • Voluntary benefit strategy and delivery
  • Retiree medical benefit audit and strategy

Financial Management

  • Claim, financial and operational audits
  • Forecasting, budgeting and reserve setting
  • Retiree medical benefit funding approaches

Employee Experience

  • Health promotion, wellness and workforce productivity
  • Workforce wellbeing evaluation

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