Your personalised software package providing cost-effective tools to help you manage your pension scheme

Trustees and sponsors are facing increasing pressure to manage down the risks and costs of pension arrangements. Whilst increased access to management information is welcomed, the sheer volume of data can make it hard to focus on the key information needed to unlock the potential of the data and use it to make clear decisions.

Asset Liability Suite is an easy-to-use, modular software system that allows you to monitor and plan your pension scheme and helps you to make informed decisions. Alongside the software, Willis Towers Watson’s specialist consultants are on hand to provide strategic guidance and expert modelling input. The tool is backed up with our robust asset and liability models, which underpin the software, combined with market intelligence and analysis from our speciailsts.

With Asset Liability Suite you can focus on what is really important for you at any given time and start using your information to its full potential - allowing you to turn your data into informed decisions.