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    • Institutional investors in Asia discuss executive compensation

      Recently, Willis Towers Watson consultants discussed important executive compensation issues, including corporate governance and executive and board pay, with several leading institutional investors in Asia, with some surprising viewpoints.

      Michael Siu

    • Asian companies move to mitigate remuneration risk

      Regular compensation risk assessments have been common in many Western countries for several years now, and many companies have found that the exercises have been helpful in identifying and reducing pay- and behavior-related risks and in streamlining incentive design and governance processes. The trend is catching on in Asia.

      Ewan Taylor

    • Executive salaries on the rise in Asia, Willis Towers Watson study finds

      Strong economic growth and an accompanying demand for top talent are driving up the base salaries of top executives in Asia, the Asia Pacific (APAC) section of Willis Towers Watson's 2016/2017 Global 50 Remuneration Planning Report indicates.

      Sambhav Rakyan

    • Potential implications of expanded pay disclosure for Asia: The good, the bad, the ugly

      In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s in the United States — in the early stages of a technology stock market boom — there was a perception that CEO pay was rising too rapidly and was out of control. In the public backlash that followed, legislation was passed requiring companies to publicly disclose the details of executive pay in their annual reports.

      Trey Davis

    • Willis Towers Watson names executive compensation practice leaders in Asia-Pacific, Western Europe and the U.K.
      Willis Towers Watson recently made three leadership appointments in the executive compensation (EC) consulting practice globally.
    • New Report Highlights Pay Trends and Variations Across Key Markets in Asia

      Singapore remains the place to be for the highest base salaries at the executive level in the Asia Pacific region, with pay levels around 10% higher than the next highest market, Hong Kong. These findings from our 2014/2015 Global 50 Remuneration Planning Report shed light on the relative competitiveness of base salaries across the region and the impact of currency movements on base salaries in U.S. dollar terms.

      Sambhav Rakyan and Trey Davis

    • Towers Watson Names New Executive Compensation Leader for Asia Pacific
      Towers Watson recently announced the appointment of Ye Fang (Maggy) as managing director of the executive compensation consulting practice in Asia Pacific.
    • The Continuing Evolution of Executive Rewards Around the Globe

      While U.S. executives remain the world’s most highly paid, evolving talent markets and continuing globalization have begun to narrow the differences in executive rewards practices between many countries around the world. Competing for top cadre talent today requires an understanding of ongoing global trends in rewards, plus close attention to the remaining differences — some quite significant — in how key rewards programs are structured from country to country.

      James Matthews and David Seitz

    • Corporate Governance Developments in Asia
      In recent years, various regulatory and other governing bodies in Asia have issued or revised rules relating to corporate governance and pay disclosure for publicly traded companies. While the most noteworthy and comprehensive actions were those in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan also made changes of note.
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Executive Pay Matters
A Willis Towers Watson Blog providing frequent updates on the latest developments and trends in executive compensation
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