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HR Data Solutions

Willis Towers Watson’s compensation and benefits survey products and consultants can help you manage increasingly complex pay and benefit program decisions. You can develop competitive compensation plans to attract the talent you need and drive employee engagement and performance.

We capture the latest compensation, HR policies and benefits design practices data from more than 115 countries across all employee levels and all industry sectors. Our portfolio of reports, delivered online, are designed for global and regionally headquartered organisations as well as multinational and local companies.

  • How does my compensation compare?

    Whether your data needs are local, regional or global, we have what you need with our 2016 Total Compensation Surveys.
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  • Towers Watson Media

    Develop cost-effective pay and benefits programs.

    We have a comprehensive picture of pay data and benefits practices in Asia Pacific.
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  • Towers Watson Media

    Need quick and reliable information to help with budgeting?

    This report provides the salary index of 20 countries in Asia Pacific.
    Find out more here
  • How do I assess labour costs across countries?

    Explore a high level global overview with compensation level, economic, labour law and reward summaries.
    Find out which report can help you
  • We are planning to open an office in a new country, what do I need to know?

    Do you know all about the local labour requirements? How about an overview of mandatory benefits and compensation?
    See more on the reports here
  • How can we rationalise salary differentials in relocating our employees?

    Our new reports provide these insights across regions and cities to help you make detailed plans locally.
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Take your report data further with our experts who can also provide insights for change in your organisation, helping you to:

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2016 Industry Surveys Indonesia


  • Breakfast Client Gathering - How to create your talent to win market competition in the middle of consumer behaviour changes
    March 17, 2016
  • Group Job Matching Per Industry
    April – June 2016
  • Final Results Presentation per Industry
    November – December 2016
  • Client Gathering
    End of February 2017


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Raditya Ocki Ristanto +62 21 2971 0722
Linda Stepvhanie +62 21 2971 0724
Andik Widodo +62 21 2917 0715

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