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Workforce Effectiveness and Productivity

Workforce Effectiveness and Productivity

Is your workforce fully productive? We can help.

Companies have been facing stagnating productivity for more than a decade. By one estimate, lost productivity costs U.S. businesses $1.2 trillion annually. More to the point, an organization with 5,000 employees stands to lose nearly $50 million this year alone – because it doesn’t have the right people with the right skills doing the right work.

Willis Towers Watson helps you improve the effectiveness and productivity of your organization through your people. We understand each employer is unique so we use an approach that integrates HR, finance and risk perspectives to focus on the specific levers that can have a meaningful impact for your organization.

Our framework

Our framework
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With our proprietary tools and data, our team of experts first identify the key performance indicators for your business and its critical workforce segments. Next, we look across the major contributors to workforce productivity – talent strategy, talent attraction and development, culture and engagement, rewards, well-being and managing human capital risk – and focus on critical gaps and areas with the greatest potential for improvement. Then we help you establish priorities, build and execute plans, and monitor progress to ensure sustainable improvement over time. See our framework above for an illustrative view.

The end result? Better productivity. Better business results.

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