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Employee competencies are an integral part of the performance equation — they complement goals and objectives, and define how employees should get things done for their organizations. Identifying the right employee competencies is imperative for conquering business challenges such as growth, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, shifts in business focus or transformation of an organization’s culture. Moreover, developing an infrastructure for employee competencies is required for truly effective career management programs — a call to action that should not be ignored given the value that employees place on career advancement opportunities.

Grounded in Willis Towers Watson’s global talent management research, our Competency Atlas® is a comprehensive reference of employee competencies and technical skills covering the full spectrum of employee, manager and leader behaviors in an organization. The Competency Atlas was refreshed in 2016 to address our clients’ changing business environments and needs, incorporate the latest trends and thinking in competency management, and align with our talent assessment capabilities.

Organizations can use Competency Atlas as an efficient, cost-effective resource for building organization-wide leadership and functional competency models tied to business strategy and results, or for refreshing existing competency models to reflect changing demands. The employee competencies and technical skills within Competency Atlas are scaled (i.e., defined at various career levels) to support and define career progression.

Our Competency Atlas Suite supports all aspects of an integrated talent management cycle, from selection to performance management, employee development and leadership effectiveness. The suite includes:

  • Core module with 28 organizational and leadership competencies — definitions and observable, measurable behaviors associated with each competency
  • Card Deck — includes the 28 organization-wide and leadership competencies to facilitate competency selection through a sorting process
  • Guide to Personal Success module — includes an outline of developmental experiences and opportunities written for all 28 competencies in the core module
  • Behavioral Event Interview module includes behavioral interview questions written for all 28 competencies in the core module
  • Wave Assessment a subset of our competencies can be directly assessed using our psychometric assessment products to measure an individual’s motives, preferences, needs and potential
  • 360-Assessment instruments — to gather feedback on proficiency of competencies and to identify developmental opportunities
  • Functional module — consists of libraries of competencies and technical skills for 18 different functional areas (e.g., Information Technology, Research and Development, Engineering) and can be applied across the function, or by job family within the function
  • E-Learning Certification — eight chapters fully describing the products and applications
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