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Sales Effectiveness and Rewards

Sales Effectiveness and Rewards

Your sales organization is the embodiment of your go-to-market strategy and the primary face your company presents to customers. Yet while sales, support and customer service functions are essential to your organization’s success, managing these teams expertly is more complex and challenging than ever.

Towers Watson’s Sales Force Effectiveness and Rewards consultants have the expertise to help you develop sales talent management and reward strategies that align with the unique growth needs of your business. Deployed across the globe and supported by innovative research, we provide hands-on expertise in developing and implementing programs that drive sales force effectiveness.

Through programs that optimize sales talent, we can help transform your company’s sales strategy into positive financial results. We work with you to:

  • Ensure the right salespeople, with the right skills, are in the right roles 
  • Focus on the right opportunities to organize and deploy your sales force
  • Reward your sales force effectively and optimally to drive high engagement and motivation

Our capabilities include:

  • Sales talent management
  • Sales compensation design and implementation
  • Sales incentive risk assessment

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