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Talent Assessment

Talent Assessment

As organizations focus on change in a digital world, competition for talent is fierce and the quality of your people is a key differentiator in the market. Talent assessment with robust and valid process to identify the right people for the right roles is critical.

Saville Assessment, a Willis Towers Watson Company offers a smarter approach to talent assessment, which delivers results. We are transforming how organizations across the globe hire, build and lead their talent with our gold standard assessments and services:

  • World-Class Products – Our assessment portfolio sets the market standard with industry-leading research, development and validity.
  • Results Driven – We improve the effectiveness of the assessment process for clients by hitting all the key metrics for success and a strong focus on ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Smarter Solutions – Our approach embraces innovation, technology and candidate experience without compromising quality.
  • Global Capability – We are equipped to deliver large-scale, multi-national assessment projects via our international network.
  • Trusted Technology – Your data is safe with us. All our data centers are ISO 27001 certified and offer faster performance and increased resilience. Our platform has industry leading uptime and offers an efficient user experience.
  • Exceptional Service – Our team of experts ensure world-class products are equally matched by a world-class service.

All our products are designed based on extensive research into successful workplace performance and the critical relationship between motive, talent and workplace culture. The assessment portfolio includes:

Wave Personality Questionnaires

As the market-leading personality assessments, Wave is recognized for:

  • possessing the highest validity.
  • using the best scoring format to forecast workplace performance.
  • being the only tool to identify alignment between work motives and talents.
  • having the most up-to-date norms for better benchmarking.
  • receiving 27 out of 30 stars in a review by the British Psychological Society.

Aptitude Tests

Our flexible and comprehensive aptitude portfolio offers a smarter approach to testing. We measure core aptitudes relevant to roles at entry level through to managers and executives:

  • proven to minimize group differences, maintain diversity and improve candidate caliber.
  • dynamic group reporting driving faster and more reliable decisions based on valid data.
  • short completion times with Swift combination tests measuring three to six key aptitudes in one assessment.
  • well researched, highly valid, varied, fresh and modern items.
  • varied item types, offering breadth of measurement and an interesting and positive candidate experience.

For full details on our individual products, reports and services, please visit, or get in touch by emailing

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