For more than 20 years, Indian companies have diligently surveyed their employees seeking feedback that drives the future strategic direction of their businesses. Well, that’s the theory. The reality bears further investigation.

What have employee engagement surveys actually brought to these companies? Has the data, collected and analysed, translated into appreciable results that company leaders can point to? Is, indeed, the traditional engagement survey the best way forward?

Willis Towers Watson polled 133 of India’s top organisations and leaders, gaining responses from senior business leaders, including top management, as well as the HR function, to discover how they perceive engagement surveys and where the impetus for engagement is coming from within their companies.

Employee engagement surveys have the potential to deliver valuable insights, providing overall strategic guidance as well as specific themes of use to leaders and managers. But are these insights leveraged to their full degree? Our poll shows employers are failing to take enough meaningful action on the results and possibly not choosing the right partners to deliver a thorough change management process.

In this study report, we’ll outline the key areas where engagement survey results are not being sufficiently leveraged, the roles and responsibilities within the organisation to drive engagement and what Indian companies see as the future of engagement and its measurement.

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