India’s stature in the global economic landscape is evidently on the rise. It is also equally evident that the next wave of growth will be driven by technology and people. Over the years, while several factors impacting human capital in India like talent management, engagement, rewards, and more recently technology and analytics have been examined and discussed at length; competency assessments through psychometrics and its impact on human capital, remains largely unexplored.

Willis Towers Watson’s State of Psychometric Assessments in India polled close to 100 of India’s top organisations and HR leaders across sectors to explore the awareness, acceptance and application of psychometric assessments in the country and further examine how this is likely to evolve. The survey also uncovers opportunities to expand and deepen the use of psychometric instruments.

There is great opportunity for companies in India to broaden their use of psychometrics. By using psychometric assessments across levels, HR and business leaders can ensure that no talent is overlooked and that important workforce strategies like high-potential development and succession planning are suitably managed. In short, a holistic approach to psychometrics can be a cost-effective way for companies to create a high performing and engaged workforce.

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