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    This periodical provides information and trends related to bond yields.
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    • Discount rate setting for actuarial valuations of employee benefits in Sri Lanka
      Accounting valuations for employee benefits involve making certain assumptions about the future expectations in relation to economic and demographic factors. One of the principal assumptions necessary for this purpose is the discount rate. As per LKAS 19, the discount rate should be based on the yields available on high quality corporate bonds as at the accounting date, corresponding to a term that matches that of the liabilities.
    • Latest Update on Bond Yields
      In continuation to our previous update on Indian Government Bond yields published a few days ago, we are releasing this update as there has been a significant shift in the yields over the last few days in the build up to the financial year end of 31 March 2018.
    • Bond Yields Update
      In continuation to our previous update on Indian Government Bond yields published in August 2017, we are pleased to share an update in the movements till mid-March 2018.
    • Bond yields update
      In an announcement made on 2nd August, 2017, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) decided to reduce the repo rate by 25 bps to 6.0%. This move was largely expected due to a significant drop in the CPI inflation rates from 3.89% at end-April to 1.54% at end-June.
    • Bond yields update
      In October and November 2016, we had issued a note about the declining trend of bond yields in the aftermath of demonetisation and economic and political developments in India and the US. Bond yields in December 2016 were volatile – for a zero coupon 10-year government bond, yields moved between 6.5% at the beginning of the month to 6.9% in the last week, to finally settle at 6.8% at the end of the calendar year.
    • Declining Bond Yield Impacting Employee Benefit Liabilities
      Further to our October 2016 bond yields update, November has been quite a month, with the economic and political developments in the US and India. Whilst the election of a new US President was always going to be interesting and big news, no one knew about the demonetisation of the Indian currency – a potentially game changing event in India.
    • Declining Bond Yield and Growing Employee Benefit Liabilities
      The period from January to September 2016 saw a significant impact of the economic and political scenarios (in India and globally) on Indian government bond yields. Volatile bond yields have increased the costs and liabilities associated with employee benefit schemes under the required accounting standards AS 15 (revised) and IND AS 19, particularly in the September quarter.
    • Bond Yield Volatility - Impact and its rude shock
      Back in December 2014, we had sent you a note setting out the significant downward movement in bond yields in the current financial year. We see that bond yields have dropped even further in the last two months and the rate for the 10 year zero coupon government bonds as on 16 February 2015 is currently hovering at around 7.75%.
    • Bond Yield Volatility - Impact and its rude shock
      The economic and political scenario over the last 19 months has had a significant influence on the Government bond yields. The level, volatility and uncertainty in the bond yields have had a considerable impact on the costs and liabilities disclosed for employee benefits under the required accounting standard AS 15 (revised).
    • Bond Yields Update
      The volatile economic environment in India continues with conflicting priorities of managing current account deficit, inflation and the rupee. We have seen another month of significant change in the bond yields.
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Bond Yield Bulletins
This periodical provides information and trends related to bond yields.
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