The story of QL Resources Berhad began in the early 1980s when Dr Chia Song Kun and family formed what has become today’s diversified, Billion Ringgit Group. Beginning with a small-scale distribution network for animal feed raw materials, the business has grown to become a one-stop distribution centre and a significant regional integrated livestock farming player.

QL Resources diversified into the fisheries sector through the development of a marine-based manufacturing chain. Starting with fishmeal and working up to higher-value surimi, the division is now considered Asia’s largest producer and manufacturer of both products. The Group also moved into palm oil, which is seen as a profitable growth area for the future. From a foothold in crude palm oil milling the move was widened through the development of plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia.

With three core business units of Marine Products Manufacturing, Integrated Livestock Farming and Palm Oil activities across 11 locations in Southeast Asia, QL Resources employs more than 5000 people. For QL Resources, keeping the growth rate going in the next decade is challenged more by a lack of human capital rather than business opportunities.