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Rethinking how work gets done in the insurance value chain

The digital revolution is transforming the future of work for the insurance value chain. This article explores how insurers can capture the opportunities.
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Turn unworkable reporting processes into unstoppable systems successes

Many insurers’ existing reporting processes have become increasingly unworkable and unsustainable as stakeholder pressure has grown.
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Reinvigorated insurance M&A enriches capital management strategies

Insurance merger and acquisition (M&A) activity by value rebounded in 2017, with a growing emphasis among (re)insurers.
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Legacy-free markets in Asia are becoming InsurTech incubators

Legacy-free markets offer more favorable conditions for InsurTechs. The article explores how emerging Asia is reshaping the industry.
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Are silent cyber and behavioral risks in your line of sight?

A cyberthreat landscape requires insurers to examine cyber exposure more carefully. Our research shows that two sources of cyber risk merit increased attention.
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The last word: No ordinary walk in the park

Articles in this issue of Emphasis all deal to varying degrees with how accelerating technological change is reshaping the insurance industry.
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