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Employee Insights

Employee Insights

For a better employee experience

Willis Towers Watson provides you the tools and support to deliver an employee experience that makes a real difference to your people and your success. If you’re thinking survey, think again. Think: a continuous listening strategy that is always on. Willis Towers Watson provides your organization with the right employee insights at the right time. We support it all

  • Agile pulse surveys, deep dive census surveys - or both
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  • Self-service software or a partner for valued support and advice.
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  • Single survey or continuous listening strategy
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  • Whether you are a startup or a large complex global organization
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How can we help you?

Product Extensions:

  • Personalized engagement. Provide each employee with their own personalized engagement report, advice and suggestions to develop personalized engagement strategies.
  • Action planner. Take action on survey results and track progress to boost the business impact of your listening strategy.
  • Entry and exit surveys. Check the effectiveness of your onboarding and reduce turnover.
  • Communication and change. Create an identity for your listening strategy, engaging messages and build credibility and trust between your listening strategy and your managers / employees.
  • Talent analytics. Combine multiple HR data sources, explore relationships, and predict future outcomes.
  • Analytic services. Use our team of data scientists for bespoke analytics and predictive modeling to identify behavior drivers of customer satisfaction, sales and operational outcomes.
  • Manager support portal. One stop shop to support managers in their employee listening role. Coming soon.

Building a Continuous Listening Strategy: Featured Insights

Sustainably Engaged: A Practical Guide to Agile Pulse Surveys

There are many techniques for assessing an organization’s employee experience, perhaps the most powerful and effective, certainly the most frequently used, is the employee survey. Read more.

From survey event to listening strategy: capture the value of employee opinion

Those organizations that are truly committed to responding to the insights gleaned through continuous feedback are certain to continuously improve. Read more.

Deploying a listening strategy: lessons learned

The employee survey world is changing. Companies large and small, across all industries and regions, are eager to move beyond sole reliance on a traditional survey event to a more agile employee listening strategy.Read more.

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