Stuck in neutral. That's how many employees around the world would describe their career. In fact, according to the 2014 Global Workforce Study, 41% of employees say they must join another firm in order to advance. Even more troublesome, almost the same percentage (40%) of employees who have been formally identified as high potentials by their organization say they would need to leave their organization to advance their career.

Although career management is valued by both employees and employers, many organizations fall short in program delivery.

Employer and employee views on career management

Employers for their part recognize they are falling short. Less than half (49%) report being effective at providing traditional career advancement opportunities to employees, while an even lower percentage (38%) report being effective at providing employees career development opportunities beyond traditional concepts. Faced with these challenges, employers need to understand and deliver what employees value if they are to attract and retain the right talent. Download this white paper to discover the key pain points that employers face, and more importantly, learn ways to develop and deliver effective career management programs to employees.