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    In the Canadian federal budget tabled on March 19, 2019, the government announced its intent to limit the use of the current employee stock option tax regime.

    Ryan Resch, Darcy Clark and Ming Young

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    There’s a consensus that the technology and/or digital sectors will provide the talent needed to elevate and transform retail to meet new global megatrends, and this new workforce will require a fresh look at compensation.

    Todd Manas and Derek Mordente

  • Newsletter

    Glass Lewis recently announced the launch of the Report Feedback Statement program that provides companies (and filers of shareholder proposals) with the opportunity to submit feedback on proposal analyses in Glass Lewis’ proxy paper and provide feedback or comments directly to Glass Lewis’ investor clients.

    Eric Chen, Jim Kroll and Brian Myers

  • Newsletter

    Investors’ growing interest in the median gender pay gap is the latest expression of a more granular approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing.

    Ryan Resch and Ruby Tewani

  • Newsletter
    The Willis Towers Watson Pension Index ticked up 2.2% in February, to 80.4 – driven by equity returns and a slight decrease in obligations.
  • Newsletter

    The role of the board’s compensation committee is rapidly evolving at many companies across North America and in other developed economies as we recently detailed in an article which appeared in Agenda.

    Don Delves and Ryan Resch

  • Newsletter
    The February Insider addresses the legislative outlook for health and retirement benefits, and looks at asset allocations in pension plans for 2017, finding a long-term trend toward more conservative investing. Recent guidance from the IRS clarifies the universal availability requirement in the 403(b) plan regulations and provides relief for sponsors that wrongly excluded part-time workers in the past. The IRS also released the 2019 limits for retirement plans qualified in Puerto Rico.
  • Newsletter
    February’s edition of Global Markets Overview highlights the US Federal Reserve balance sheet, Chinese liquidation of all zombie companies, and updates on the UK and EU Brexit deal.
  • Newsletter

    Despite strong full-year 2018 financial results, shareholder returns were dampened by investor skepticism and potential headwinds heading into 2019. This trend is no surprise given our observations through the third quarter.

    Paige Patton, Chris Kozlowski and Steve Kline

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    Clawbacks are an integral risk mitigation tool for many Canadian companies that have evolved and dramatically grown in use between 2013 and 2018.

    Ming Young

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