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    • Insider – May 2019
      The May Insider reports on the IRS’s updates to the EPCRS self-correction program for certain document and operational failures, an annual analysis of the pension disclosures of 100 publicly traded U.S. sponsors of large pension plans, the DOL proposal to clarify the “regular rate” used to calculate overtime pay, and the July 31, 2019 due date of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute fee imposed under the Affordable Care Act.
    • Insider – April 2019
      The April Insider reports on the IRS’s decision not to issue guidance prohibiting retiree lump sum windows, the Trump administration’s 2020 budget proposal, the House Ways and Means Committee approval of a broad retirement bill, the Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) challenge to cross-plan offsetting, a district court’s decision that the final regulations on association health plans are unlawful and the DOJ’s revised position on invalidating the Affordable Care Act.
    • Insider — March 2019
      The March Insider focuses on the Department of Labor’s proposed higher salary thresholds for the overtime pay exemption, IRS guidance for tax-exempt organizations regarding the 4960 excise tax on excess compensation and the federal poverty guidelines for 2019.
    • Insider — February 2019
      The February Insider addresses the legislative outlook for health and retirement benefits, and looks at asset allocations in pension plans for 2017, finding a long-term trend toward more conservative investing. Recent guidance from the IRS clarifies the universal availability requirement in the 403(b) plan regulations and provides relief for sponsors that wrongly excluded part-time workers in the past. The IRS also released the 2019 limits for retirement plans qualified in Puerto Rico.
    • Insider — January 2019
      This issue addresses the continued expansion of paid sick leave laws around the country, tax guidance for parking fringe benefits and the new Insurance Provider Assessment tax in Michigan, which replaces the Health Insurance Claims Assessment tax.
    • Insider — December 2018
      This issue reports on guidance for offering an individual coverage health reimbursement arrangement that meets Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements, proposed rules for hardship distributions, comments to the IRS from Willis Towers Watson seeking further guidance on grandfathered compensation under section 162(m) and the delayed due date for providing 2018 ACA information returns to individuals.
    • Insider — November 2018
      This issue considers the midterm election results in terms of employee benefits. It also describes a proposed rule that would expand health reimbursement arrangements, final regulations on exemptions from the ACA’s contraceptive coverage mandate, the DOL’s stepped-up enforcement of HIPAA wellness rules and 2019 limits for employee benefit plans.
    • Insider — October 2018
      This issue explains the tax credit for 2018 and 2019 for employers that offer paid FMLA leave, and describes the Family Savings Act passed by the House, final opioid legislation and new laws banning pharmacy gag clauses. There is also an analysis of the significantly higher pension contributions made by the Fortune 1000 for the 2017 plan year.
    • Insider — September 2018
      A groundbreaking report shows how health costs are hurting American workers, the IRS approves a student loan repayment match for a 401(k) plan, and an in-depth analysis traces the trajectory of pension risk over time.
    • Insider — August 2018
      This issue focuses on final regulations that will make less expensive health coverage more widely available and legislative proposals to expand health accounts.
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A review of new regulations, case law and policy, and relevant research
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