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European Insurance M&A Signaling a Rebound: An Eyewitness Account

Davide Glavina, head of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) at Generali Group, offers his perspective on why the European M&A market is on the mend, and what it means for his company and its insurance peers. Read more.

What Frees P&C Actuarial Talent to Deliver Better Reserves? In a Word, Industrialization

Reserve process industrialization unshackles property & casualty (P&C) actuaries from the mundane, and frees them to provide in-depth reserving analysis and collaborate with underwriting, pricing, reinsurance and capital modeling teams. Read more.

Consider a Diverse, Cross-Industry Talent Pool: A New Idea to End Skill Shortages

Why not create a talent pool among noncompeting companies — an insurer and a web-based technology company, for example — to meet the industry need for new skills while offering growth opportunities to high-performing employees? Read more.

Are Impressive Longevity Improvements Softening? A Change Is Under Way

Analysis of the basic drivers of longevity variation shows that the outlook for improvements may be easing, particularly in the U.K. Read more.

Predictive Modeling Can Kick-Start Your Plans: Insurance Trailblazers in Asia Take Note

Insurers in Asia are presented with an enormous opportunity to apply data to predictive models and implement predictive analytics, a powerful combination that offers competitive advantage in a promising market. It is more about an ongoing approach to managing the business rather than an infrequent theoretical exercise. Read more.

Pandemic and Alien Invasion Not on Your Radar? Extreme Risks Matter

If you think extreme risks are too remote to worry about, just consider what the Yucatan asteroid did to the dinosaurs. We explain why extreme risks matter. Read more.