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Do You Know the Impact of Inflation on Your Company? Why It Can Make a Difference

Four key Towers Watson consultants examine claim inflation and how prepared insurers are to manage an increase in inflation after a sustained period of low rates. Read more.

Manage the Profitability of Your Life New Business: Fix It, Change It, or Dump It

Life insurers face significant market pressure that makes a practical, three-step exercise a must when evaluating the profitability and viability of new business. Read more.

Insurers, Are You Ready for a Disruptive Innovator? How to Prepare for Game Changers

Business disruptions are opportunities to innovate and excel, and drain value only from insurers that are unprepared to participate in industry-shaping change. Read more.

Growth-Hungry Insurers, Latin America Beckons: What You Need to Know to Succeed

For insurers beleaguered by low interest rates and mounting competition, Latin America may punch up your growth prospects if you know what you need and what different countries in the region can provide. Read more.

Shake Up Your Thinking on Catastrophe Risk Modeling: Lessons Learned From the Canterbury Earthquakes

New Zealand's Canterbury earthquakes shook more than the ground, offering a candid look at the strengths and shortfalls of catastrophe risk models and how they are being used for P&C risk mitigation. Read more.

India's Life Insurance Market Is Primed for Growth. Are You Ready?

Quick: Which nation has a growing middle class and a large population of savers? If you're a life insurance company looking to grow, keep India in mind. Read more.