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How to Become a Triple-Threat P&C Claim Department

Triple-threat claim departments effectively engage handlers, encourage hands-on supervision and balance QA with claim analytics to better manage P&C claim costs. Read more.

Perception Drives Insurance M&A Prices

Value and perceived value are often different, and realizing the inherent worth of an insurance company is not as straightforward. Read more.

Talent Retention Is Essential to Successful Insurance M&A

Insurance companies that want to be successful acquirers in the M&A market need to make talent retention part of their strategies for sustained long-term success. Read more.

Alternative Asset Strategies May Be the Answer to Low Rates

Protracted low interest rates are pressuring insurers' investment portfolios, but exploiting liquidity to invest in alternative assets may help ease this strain. Read more.

Insurers, Model Risk Management Deserves Your Nod

Reliable, robust models contribute to a well-performing and well-trusted insurance company, and model risk management ensures that models deliver on expectations. Read more.

India's Newly Opened P&C Insurance Market Is Ready to Soar

Fast out of the gate, P&C insurers are now rethinking their market participation as they attempt to build a more solid business and attract investors. Read more.

Towers Watson Claim Cost Index

This article updates a family of price indices for major lines of business written by P&C insurers. Read more.