Emphasis 2016/3

Asia’s multinational trailblazers command a global presence

Of 114 financial services corporations that belong to the Fortune Global 500, 32% are from Asia Pacific and account for 34% of the industry’s revenue in the ranking. Read more.

Powered by the IoT, auto insurance is poised for a revolution

Connected cars, the IoT and other new data sources pose challenges for UBI carriers but will ultimately make car insurance more precise, personalized and convenient. Read more.

Is Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic luster lost?

Recent economic slowing in Sub-Saharan Africa may cause some insurers to doubt the region’s potential, but if you understand its heterogeneity, opportunity exists. Read more.

Practical risk management creates a winning, risk-aware culture

Insurers that thrive in an increasingly complex business world will treat ERM as more than a compliance exercise by embracing a cross-business, risk-aware culture. Read more.

Customer-centric insurers’ new gold standard for service

Insurers’ new gold standard for customer service requires a seamless back office that connects customer data and insights with service delivery and value. Read more.

The Last Word
Insurers need to think and act differently — and swiftly

Technology advances are requiring insurers to rethink processes and structures they’ve relied on for decades while making cultural shifts at an unprecedented pace. Read more.