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Mortality is changing, and so are the leading models

Changing factors currently affecting longevity and mortality are providing potentially big opportunities for life and health insurers to improve and differentiate underwriting, product design and pricing. Read more.

Does your casualty catastrophe reinsurance stand the test of time? Coverage agreements need to protect insurers now and tomorrow

History teaches us valuable lessons about the potential longer-term scope and interpretation of casualty catastrophe reinsurance contracts. Administration change in the U.S. and the continuing digital revolution are two current amber flags for the industry. Read more.

UBI is mass-market ready, but is your IT? Prepare and share in the telematics surge

The information technology (IT) needed to establish and maintain competitive telematics programs is a constantly moving target. So how do P&C insurers attain the right IT to get in on this growing market? Read more.

On a digital highway without speed limits, how can insurers keep pace? M&A, internal growth and other diverse growth strategies

Our latest global survey shows that insurers are acutely aware of the perils of lagging the sector in the race to harness digital technologies, but often grapple with how to drive and maintain change or dispel lingering uncertainties about first-mover benefits. Read more.

#Insurtech is a launch pad to unimagined possibilities for insurers: Think it, and it can be

#Insurtech is where the insurance industry’s future begins, a starting point that is unfathomable, challenging and yet well within reach. Read more.

The Last Word
Plus ça change — even in a digital world: Same tune, different key, as insurers adapt for digitalization

To thrive in the future, insurers need to align their efforts with a clear vision of how technology supports long-established, fundamental insurance success factors. Read more.