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Looking beyond to the HR landscape of tomorrow

Looking beyond to the HR landscape of tomorrow

Thinking Ahead Group (TAG) HR

Forward-thinking CHROs understand that today’s HR function is undergoing a rapid and historic transformation. From automation and robotics, to the explosion of big data and analytics, as well as geographical and demographic changes, the old rules in managing human capital no longer apply.  What’s required is an innovative approach to identifying, prioritizing and tackling the key issues that are driving the global human capital business agenda of the future.

That’s where the Thinking Ahead Group (TAG) HR Forum comes in. The TAG HR Forum is comprised of early adopter CHROs who — in partnership with Willis Towers Watson — have come together to bring key issues forward and determine how the landscape of tomorrow can support what we are still figuring out today — all in more practical, innovative and relevant ways.

What matters to today's forward-thinking CHRO...

For example, some of the ongoing workstreams include:

  • Exploring and defining the Contingent Workforce Value Proposition
  • Understanding and confronting the implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics 
  • Building a solid pipeline of future HR talent

TAG HR members engage in facilitated discussions and share fresh ideas with their executive peers on these topics and more — influencing Willis Towers Watson research development and ultimately, how the world thinks about HR.

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