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Managing a pension doesn’t have to be time-consuming, complicated and expensive.

Towers Watson Retirement-On-Line pension and provident funds are multi-employer (umbrella) funds that enable medium to large employers to benefit by cost-effectively outsourcing the administration, investment and general management of their pension fund. In addition, the employer has the opportunity to remain actively involved in the decision-making process and the design of the pension fund

Retirement-on-Line is a trust arrangement managed by a board of trustees, independent from Towers Watson (although it includes senior representatives from Towers Watson). Each participating employer establishes a Management Committee, comprising representatives from the company and the employees. This solution gives the participating employer the benefit of remaining in control of pension arrangements, whilst outsourcing the legal responsibility and liability for the day-to-day management.

With Towers Watsons’ Retirement-on-line solution you can benefit from:

  • Economies of scale: Employers are able to enjoy the economies of scale that size brings, by sharing the same legal and governance structure.
  • Plan design tailored to your company needs: Each individual employer can set up the contribution, benefits and investments in a manner that is customised to their particular needs and circumstances.
  • Investment consulting: The cost of investment consulting services is substantial and can, in most cases, only be accessed by the largest funds. However via Retirement-on-line members can get access to Towers Watson’s consulting advice on a cost-effective basis.
  • Best in class providers: Unlike other umbrella funds in the South African market, Towers Watson individually selects the best-in-class administrators, investment managers and insurers for Retirement-On-Line. Providers are then monitored by the Trustees, calling on the consulting expertise of Towers Watson.
  • True cost savings: Our research has indicated that the total cost of participation in the Retirement-on-Line funds is currently about 15% to 20% cheaper than most of the major umbrella funds in the market.

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