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Talent Assessment

Talent Assessment

As organizations face increasing demand and competition to attract and retain the best people in the market, the need to accurately forecast prospective and current employees’ performance and fit is critical. To do that, businesses need to understand what drives both individual and organizational performance. Talent Assessment enables organizations to make confident, data-driven recruitment decisions, and correctly predict and invest in growing and harnessing the right talent.

Saville Consulting, a Towers Watson company, is an international industrial and organizational psychology assessment business that helps organizations identify, select and develop talented individuals and teams.

Our psychometric testing features an integrated portfolio of leading-edge technology products and consultancy services underpinned by extensive research. This powerful combination delivers compelling, predictable results in volume recruitment and talent management.

Our capabilities include:

Leadership and Talent Solutions

  • Measurement of motive, talent, competency, potential and cultural compatibility
  • Leadership profiling, including for transactions and transformations
  • Team building
  • 360 assessments
  • Development solutions
  • High potential identification
  • Talent audits
  • Executive assessment in M&A

Recruitment Solutions

  • High volume screening
  • Job fit against competencies and values
  • Cognitive aptitude testing
  • Strengths behavioral screening
  • Situational judgement tests and realistic job previews

All of our products are:

These Talent Assessment solutions are complemented by our strong global Talent Management and Organizational Alignment consulting expertise. We can provide the guidance, tools and capabilities to help develop and manage your workforce – and best engage and motivate talent in your organization.

For further details about Saville Consulting, a Towers Watson company, and our individual products, please visit our dedicated website:

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